Asatru-EU network statement At IASC 2015

During the International Asatru-summercamp 2015 the Asatru-Eu network council agreed upon a joint statement concerning the hate against Iceland's Atrúarfélagið and to publish a firm position of the groups and organizations in it. Due to the informal structure of the Asatru-EU network, this statement had to be taken back to the individual groups and was minimally altered in an discussion on our bulletin board. We may now present the final text:

"We, the groups and individuals behind the Asatru-EU network support and share Ásatrúarfélagið's nondiscriminatory stance. We believe in a reality populated by uncountable beings, such as gods, ancestors, land-wights, etins, humans, etc., all co-existing with equal value and unbreakable interdependance. We are firmly committed to Asatru as a non-exclusive religious approach, heathenry is open for everyone who chooses so. We strongly believe in respect, in respecting others and in frith, in openmindedness and the courage to grant others their space.”

This statement is still in the process of finally being accepted by each groups' responsible entities and is supposed to be published on their websites. So far it has been accepted by the following groups:

  • Eldaring e.V. (ER),Germany
  • Verein für Germanisches Heidentum e.V. (VfGH), Germany
  • De 9 Werelden (D9W), Netherlands
  • Het Rad, Netherlands
  • Les Enfants d'Yggdrasill (LEY), France
  • Clan Ostara, France
  • Samfundet Forn Sed Sverige, Sweden
  • The Kith of the Tree and the Well (KTW), UK
  • Asatru UK (AUK), UK
  • Ásatrú Ibérica, Spain Gotland Forn Sed (GFS), Spain

Besides the member groups of the Asatru-EU network we have received messages from other groups that support and share the joint statement: NornirsAett, Germany Asatru Schweiz, Switzerland Heidenvlam, Netherlands

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