About Samfundet Forn Sed Sverige

The organisation Community of Forn Sed Sweden was founded in 1994, under the name Swedish Asatro Community. (Our new name was ratified in the annual allthing in spring 2010.) Since 2007 are we a registered religious organisation in Sweden.

The Community of Forn Sed Sweden aim to make forn sed a living spiritual alternative for people in current society. Our purpose is not to recreate an ancient religion the way it might have been a 1000 years ago and we are not engaged in historic theatre. We live in forn sed today and continue to develop forn sed as a spiritual expression adapted to current society. This is done through blot and other types of ceremonies, by releasing books and other printed materials, and by creating common meeting places for people with an interest in nature spirituality.

The organization of the Community of Forn Sed Sweden is open and democratic. Each year we hold Allthing that all members are welcome and where the most important decisions are made. At the Allthing the board is elected, tha we call the råd, that execute and lead the Community during the year. The Community also has appointed godthies and gydjas, that have the function of supporting members in their practice of forn sed.

The Community of Forn Sed Sweden does not have religious dogma. However do we have a strongly expressed value system that has a basis in humanitarian and democratic view on life and that acknowledge all humans as equals regardless of gender, origin or sexual preference.The Community and her members shall also uphold religious tolerance in a multicultural society. Each and everyone that share these values are welcome in the Community of Forn Sed Sweden.

Contact for international organisations - Per Lundberg

Translation from The Community of Forn Sed Swedens bylaws

This is an exerpt from our bylaws.
§4. What forn sed is
The forn sed, Ancient Customs, is a legacy from ancestors. It has grown during thousands of years in cooperation with nature and open relations with other cultures. Forn sed has as foundation to 
​up​ hold good relations between humans, nature, powers, to benefit and joy. Forn sed is not connected to blood relations or genetic ascendance but is open for all that find it of value. There is no founder of ur fait
​​nor one way to believe.

However there are a few characteristics to forn sed: 
4a. Forn sed is a living spiritual path with roots in the Nordic heathen and
​ folk customs​
4b. Forn sed is based on the sacredness of nature and the existence.
4c. Forn sed acknowledges many different gods, powers and spiritual perspectives.
4d. Forn sed encourages everyone to seek their own spiritual path and own relation to the Powers.